What do you usually do with your veggie scraps after making dinner? Throw them away or compost them? Well did you know that you could be using them to make your own vegetable broth and then still compost them?!

🥕Simply collect veggie scraps throughout the week and keep them in the fridge so they won’t spoil 🥕Add vegetable scraps to a pot, cover with water, and then put the lid on top of the pot 🥕Let simmer for at least 1 hour. I let mine simmer half the day today and then let it sit to cool 🥕Strain the water into a measuring cup and then pour into a mason jar 🥕You could use this in the next week or even freeze until your ready to use!

Pretty simple and an efficient way to use up those veggie scraps! Stay tuned for more recipes! I’ll just be posting them as I go along and make things that I think you all would be interested in. I’m always up for suggestions! 😊

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