Willow Moon Farm

Farm-Made Non-toxic Skincare: Handcrafted with Nature's Best Ingredients

  • Fresh herbs

    We mainly use whole plant matter in our formulas. In turn, this creates a more effective, well rounded, safer end product. We grow 90% of the herbs we use in our products on our Regenerative Certified Naturally Grown farm. Quality is our top priority.

  • Locally Sourced

    We raise + grow as many ingredients as we can right here on the farm but we also partner with other local regenerative farmers for ingredients we don't produce here- like our pasture raised tallow. We always strive to support local + USA made. We use glass containers + metal tins for our products. Everything is handcrafted and shipped from right here on the farm.

  • Organic Oils + Butters

    What we don't produce here and can't find locally, we outsource and strive for all Certified Organic ingredients! Our promise to you is to always keep our products non-toxic and safe.

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Our Story

Willow Moon Farm is a Regenerative Certified Naturally Grown Farm located in Virginia. Owned by Sara, a mother and a farmher, with a vision to get non-toxic skincare + nutrient dense food into more familIes' homes.

I began creating organic skincare products at my kitchen table while pregnant with my oldest child in 2016. Ever since I was a little girl I've wanted nothing more than a farm of my own. Today I am able to bring that dream to life while enriching the lives of others through our non-toxic skincare products and our regenerative meats.

Each product produced on our farm helps us to grow and to bring more awareness to more families. We are passionate about holistic living and are committed to the well-being of our family and yours as well!