Sustainable farming

Our goal is to create a sustainable skincare line through organic and regenerative practices. The farm is Certified Naturally Grown, meaning, we follow Certified Organic practices to hold this certification. We work with nature to bring our sustainable skincare to life. In return, this creates more effective skincare products through the high quality ingredients where we control the whole process.

When Sara founded Willow Moon in 2016, it was her goal to grow and raise as many ingredients as possible for the skincare line. Taking control of the process of our ingredients has only improved our land and the quality of our products. This extra step is what sets our brand apart.

When we purchased this land it was over wooded with thin trees. The soil was shale and un-plantable. We now have trees growing healthier by thinning out the small ones. We now have pasture where once was just clay and rocks thanks to our rotational grazing practices. Regeneration is a process and we are constantly looking to improve the land where we can.

We raise Kunekune pigs that are a heritage breed of pigs. They do little to no rooting and graze our land instead of tilling it like your traditional commercial breeds. In return, we offer a premium quality of Kunekune pork and their high quality lard is used in our Goat's Milk Soaps. Kunekune lard has been compared to emu oil in quality.

We have our own herd of Nigerian Dwarf goats for their exceptional milk. We focus our herd around milking genetics so we get more milk from this smaller breed of goats. We love this breed for their friendliness and ability to be around small children. We offer Goat Yoga and other activities for children to experience farm life.

We also raise meat chickens and laying hens to regenerate the ground that our goats and pigs dont get access too. They also eat ticks and other insects which is very helpful! They produce chicken meat and eggs to our family and others in our community.

From Farm To Skin.

  • No Till

    We choose not to till our land because it helps preserve soil health and fertility. Tilling can disrupt the natural structure of the soil, leading to erosion, loss of organic matter, and disruption of beneficial microorganisms. By practicing no-till farming, we maintain soil structure, reduce erosion, and promote the growth of healthy crops while minimizing our impact on the environment. We raise pastured pigs for this specific reason.

  • Producing our own ingredients

    Producing our own ingredients like herbs, goat milk, and lard ensures the highest quality and purity for our skincare line. This farm-to-skin approach minimizes environmental impact and promotes sustainability by reducing transportation and supporting natural farming practices. By controlling every step of production, we provide you with truly natural and effective skincare products.

  • Rotational Grazing

    Rotational grazing improves soil health and pasture growth, leading to more productive and sustainable land. It helps control pests and weeds naturally, enhances biodiversity, and promotes better animal health. This method also conserves water and reduces erosion, supporting long-term ecological balance. Overall, rotational grazing boosts productivity and aligns with our commitment to natural farming practices.