How Willow Moon Farm Began

What began as a quest to create non-toxic skincare products for our family has blossomed into much more over the years. In 2016, while founder, Sara, was pregnant with her first child and seeking a healthier lifestyle, she began making natural products at her kitchen table. After selling out at the very first craft she attended, she knew she wanted to make this endeavor into a business where she could educate others on the importance but also supply them with holistic products.

The dream didn't stop there. When Sara and husband, Brian, purchased Sara’s childhood home, they started from scratch, creating a regenerative farm. Their goal was to grow and raise as many ingredients as possible for the skincare line and to feed their family in the process.

Recognizing a need in our community for organically raised meats, we wanted to be that option. With a passion for farming and transparency, Willow Moon Farm now offers a full line of non-toxic herbal skincare products, organically raised Kunekune pork, chicken and eggs. We currently only have enough resources to feed our local community but we are diligently working on expanding to offer more of our farm raised meats to others all over the United States through shipping. Stay tuned!

We implement regenerative practices on our farm, working with nature, not against it, and ensuring that we leave our land better than we found it. Willow Moon Farm is proud to be the first and only farm in Frederick County to be Certified Naturally Grown.

We also offer quality pork-producing stock from our Kunekune herd and Nigerian Dwarf goats for other farms and homesteads. For more information, send us an email at

When you support our farm, you are supporting ethical farming and our family's dream.

Thank you!