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Blemish Face Serum

Blemish Face Serum

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A serum created for rolling directly on specific blemishes such as pimples, dark spots and any mark on the skin. Infused with plants designed for brightening the skin, preventing and healing acne. This infusion is made with fresh plant matter as well as, botanical extracts for double potency to target blemishes head on and resolve them quickly.

Ingredients: Certified Naturally Grown Blue Cornflower**, Calendula**, Yarrow**, Witch Hazel*, Aloe Vera*, Yarrow extract**.

**Indicates the ingredient was grown on our farm.

**Indicates the ingredient is Certified Organic.

Please note that it takes a moment for the serum to come out when using it for the first time. It is best to keep the product upside down to soak into the roller ball and to roll it on your hand/arm for it to start applying for the first time. You only need to do this to prime it.

* Indicates Organic

** Indicates it was grown/raised on our farm.

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