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Shoulder Steaks

Shoulder Steaks

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Shoulder steaks are our second favorite cut from the Kunekune pig! The shoulder steak comes from the same cut as the pork butt. They are cooked low and slow. The taste is very similar to a beef steak just better and more flavorful and tender!

 One of our favorite cuts from the Kunekune pig is the shoulder steaks! These have a very similar flavor as a beef steak just better! 

Our Kunekune pigs live their best life on our farm grazing our pastures and woodlands. They are fed a Non-GMO feed produced from a local family farm that follows regenerative practices.

All of our meat + eggs are free from antibiotics, hormones and additives.

 Choose farm pick-up at checkout to pick your order up at your convenience. We also do by appointment to shop our farm store in person. Send us a message if you’d like to schedule a time to by.

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