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Acne Prone Skin - Purifying - Bundle

Acne Prone Skin - Purifying - Bundle

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Herbal infused formula to target acne, dark spots, inflammation and oily prone skin.

Apply the toner after cleansing face to provide instant hydration, tighten pores, repair discoloration and balance pH levels. Can also be spritzed on again after your applying your moisturizer.

Toner ingredients: an infusion of Certified Naturally Grown yarrow, comfrey, aloe vera, witch hazel.

Apply the blemish serum after cleansing face to designated areas to help with acne, inflammation, discoloration and other blemishes.

Blemish serum Ingredients: an infusion of Certified Naturally Grown blue cornflower, yarrow, comfrey, witch hazel, aloe vera and yarrow extract.

Cleanse skin with our New Moon Soap to detox pores and calm inflammation.

New Moon Soap: Pasture raised lard, organic coconut oil, organic shea butter, olive oil, almond oil, organic castor oil, raw goat's milk, tea tree essential oil.

*Indicates ingredient is certified organic

**Indicates the ingredient was grown here following Certified Organic guidelines through the Certified Naturally Grown program.

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