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Rejuvenating - Glowing Goddess - Bundle

Rejuvenating - Glowing Goddess - Bundle

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This nutrient dense formula deeply moisturizes to diminish fine lines, reduce the appearance of damaged skin, replenish collagen levels and leaves your skin feeling silky smooth. Simply rejuvenation in a bottle!

Apply the toner after cleansing face.

Then apply a light layer of the cream/oil your skin while your skin is damp and allow it to soak in all night long. We personally like to use the cream at night and the serum in the morning.

Formulated for those with uneven skin tones, normal-dry skin, damaged or aging skin.

Toner ingredients: an infusion of Certified Naturally Grown rose, calendula**, organic orange peel* and witch hazel.

Cream ingredients: Organic jojoba oil, pasture raised beef tallow, carrot seed oil, infused with Certified Naturally Grown rose, calendula and orange peel*.

*Indicates ingredient is certified organic

**Indicates the ingredient was grown here following Certified Organic guidelines through the Certified Naturally Grown program.

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